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I have been able to get the following photos & stories from my qualification submarine, USS Diodon (SS-349) shipmates and in searches of the internet.  Mostly Submariners are listed, since that is where I have found most places on the internet where TMs are to be found.

If you are an Air or Surface TM, please send me stories and photos to share here on.

If Human Click shows status ONLINE,
I, your webmaster, may be available to chat directly with you via Keyboard to Keyboard, if you click on the Icon.  If I do not reply, please send me a message, since I am not really available. 

I will reply to your email and let you know where to email me or land wise mail me your stories & photos



In Memory of TMC(SS) Robert Eugene Johnson lost on USS Thresher
Sailor Rest Your Oars
(new 01-02-06)

In Memory of Torpedoman's Mate First Class Lester James Moe
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In Memory of Torpedoman's Mate Third Class Karl Paul McDonough
Sailor Rest Your Oars

TM2(SS) Stanley Swedbloom,WP '67
Sailor Rest Your Oars

A Message from Stanley Swedbloom's Sister

Stanley Swedbloom Info from Shipmate on USS Capitaine AGSS 336


In Memory of TM1 William Meyer Greener, of West Long Branch
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(new 01-01-06)


In Memory of TM1(SS) Lloyd C. McKenzie, a WWII Submariner
Sailor Rest Your Oars
(Updated 04-12-08)



USS Bush (DD-529) Torpedomen

USS BUSH (DD 529) Carl "Cotton" Tillman - TM2c & Marvin Scott - TM2c - - Died in Combat - April 6, 1945 USS BUSH (DD 529) Carl "Cotton" Tillman - TM2c. Marvin Scott - TM2c. Died in Combat - April 6, 1945. Carl Tillman - TM2c. Torpedoman 3rd Class Carl Tillman reported aboard the USS Bush as part of the commissioning crew of May 10, 1943.

USS BUSH (DD 529) "Ship's First Torpedomen"

 USS BUSH (DD 529) "USS BUSH - Shipmates" The tall man in the center of the picture is Clarence "Art" Woolfolk, TM3c. The man on the right is another 3rd Class Torpedoman's Mate, Thomas Soo Hoo. Ed Bennett-Cox is the man on the left.  

USS Stevens (DD-479) Torpedomen

USS Stevens DD479 Ship's Company ... Hughes. J. Foster. Torpedoman 1/c ... Ralph J. Chief Torpedoman. Storm. Herod H. ...

 USS Stevens DD479 Torpedomen ... Chorey, John. Chief Torpedoman. Clarke, Jr., John J. ... Gould, Don H. Torpedoman 2/c ...

In Memory of TM3(SS) Elwood Kenneth Van Horn
Sailor Rest Your Oars
(new 01-02-06)