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Here are even more videotapes you can get Santa to pop into his pack for you.  They are all great!
TAPE #        TITLE
H-116            History of the Reich - Architecture of the buildings and into Hitler's Berghof
H-117            Vlassov - story of the Soviet general who defected to Germany; and his sad fate!
H-118            the Winter War - Finland gave the Red Army a major black eye!
H-119            "Patrol" in North Germany & Poland 2003
H-120            VICHY! - Not all French disliked the Germans; many loved the Germans and hated the Allies
H-121            Interview with an SS Soldier
H-122            Tiefland - produced by Leni Riefenstahl
H-123            Prelude to War - US Army propaganda film PRIOR to the US entry into WW II
H-124            Parades & Ceremonies in Germany - pre war
H-125            Parades & Ceremonies in Germany during the war
H-126            Die Goldene Stadt - Melodrama of a beautiful blue-eyes blond in Prague
H-127            Doctor of Stalingrad - German doctor in a POW camp
H-128            Secret SS Bunker - newly discovered bunker in Bavaria
H-129            Firebombing of Dresden
H-130            Geburtstag des F|hrer - Birthday celebrations for Hitler during the war years
H-131            Interview with Wolf Hess - powerful information!
H-132            SS Division Viking - follows this famed division from forming to war's end
H-133            History of the SS
H-134            Hitler's Berghof
H-135            Blitzkrieg in France
H-136            Birth of a Nation (Beginning of the Ku Klux Klan)
H-137            German Folk Life - beautiful look at real life in this beautiful country
H-138            Hitler Jung Quex - famous German propaganda film about a young HJ boy killed by Communists
H-139            Fortress Europe - Beginning of the end
H-140            N|rnberg, the Beginning - German films of the 1930's
Videotapes are available only in the North American format.  Price is $30 each (plus $5 shipping) but if you buy three, take a fourth tape - FREE!  And if you buy five tapes, take a sixth tape FREE..........AND Sharkhunters will pay the shipping!
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