A Little Memory from a Father who was in WWI

From: Jim Blease leds@datasys.net 
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2001 10:27 AM

Subject: WW I

My father was on the cruiser "Frederick" in WWI. While he was looking at a submarine tied to a pier in NY, a submarine officer tried to talk him into switching to subs. He pointed to a repair weld on one of the stern planes and told him that before entering the Navy he had worked for Electric Boat Co., had worked on that particular sub, knew how they
were built and wasn't about to go to sea in one.

Jim Blease
Just a comment on one man's opinion of the design and workmanship involved in vessels on which others were expected to entrust their lives. I've often wondered what the officer's feelings were when next he went to sea.

Use it as you see fit.

One of my stepsons was a "plank owner" of the Henry F. Jackson. One of the comments on a fitness report while he was a Lt. j.g. was, "Outperforms lieutenants routinely."