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  From: SHELLY TATUM 1979 Aug 25 2002 10:02:48PM
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Dear Warriors,

Mark your calendars!

Woodrow Wilson Grand Alumni Class Reunion.

~August 2005~ San Fancisco
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  From: TONI KILPATRICK 1964 Aug 28 2002 10:44:34AM
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I want to thank you for all the work you put into the Grand Alumni Reunion 2002. I did attend the reunion, and was sorry that I was not able to actually meet with you.

I found that a reunion on that grand a scale is not for me. Nor, I might add, did any of my fellow classmates enjoy it. Perhaps it's because we're so "old", but having something that large was a little much.

It was fun seeing the few people who showed up from the class of '64, the hotel service was good and the room was beautifully decorated.

I much prefer a smaller party to celebrate the years since graduation.

Toni Ammon (Kilpatrick)
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  From: GARY HARRIS 1970 Aug 29 2002 8:24:21AM
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count me in for Aug. 2005.

It was a great event however perhaps a few lessons learned from the event. There were times when we couldn't hear anyone else at our table. Perhaps next time at the Marriot. Any way I did enjoy it.

Maybe a Friday Night next time ?

Gary harris
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  From: MARVIN WASHINGTON 1964 Sep 5 2002 10:27:22AM
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Hi Toni, I am glad now I wasn't able to attend the reunion. I thought it was a bit much when I didn't recognize too many names.
I think a reunion with the class of '64, '65 and '66 would have been perfect.
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  From: TONI KILPATRICK 1964 Sep 11 2002 9:38:59AM
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I agree with only having 2-3 classes at a time. I hope that Frank can get something pulled together either for the holidays or some time next year.

Hope you're doing well and look forward to seeing you at our next 'small' event!
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  From: VALERI JOHNSON 1987 Sep 12 2002 8:00:07PM
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sept 12,2002/7:40pm-- hello mr. shelly tatum i really enjoyed myself, and saw many of my friends from class of 1987 and the classes before mine(1985/1986). but the class i really liked or who had it going on was the 1970's. so we're having another one in 2005? count me in. we need another "BIG ONE" just like before! and about the prices, it needs to be alittle inexpensive say a least $65-$70. it was a bit steep, but towards the end it was all worth it. the music was nice(a mixture). the food was good too. well thanks for everything, and i well stay posted on the events coming up now until the "BIG ONE" in august 2005.
ps-- BIGGER IS BETTER! ms. valeri johnson(class of 1987)
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  From: SHELLY TATUM 1979 Sep 15 2002 9:26:42PM
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Dear Warriors,

I hope that the Woodrow Wilson Grand Alumni Class Reunion of
August 2002 has encouraged every class to consider organizing
its individual class year reunion. Over 1700 proud alumni and
faculty celebrated this glorious occassion.

You will discover that it will require a tremendous amount of dedication, committment and hard work. It will take a village and you will have to work with love and harmony to succeed. Remember, it's not going to be perfect but neither is the world. So don't stress, just have fun because the in a few hours it will be over.

In reference to a future grand alumni class reunion, in a perfect world the cost would be the same. In three years the cost of living will inflate and so will the cost to purchase a home, gas, concert tickets, a new car, movie tickets, your children's school clothes and........ another grand alumni class reunion.

I'm taking notes and reading all emails. But remember, Bill Cosby once said, "the failure to success is trying to please everyone".

I'll see you at the next Grand Alumni Class Reunion.

Continued blessings,

Shelly Tatum
2002 Reunion Organizer
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