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Updated 05-07-13 1964 to add Carolyn Horne

Updated 05-07-13 1965 to add Robert Beggs update, added Curtis De La Cruz & James Thomsen

Updated 1978  to add Fallen Warrior Class of 1978 Ronnie A. Young
New 11-01-12)

Updated 1973 to add Karen L. Toliver

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Updated 1968 with Dave Ross
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Updated 1979 with Fallen Warrior I Patryce Dozier, class of 1979 
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Updated this main page 04-27-12 with  Ed Rueda WWHS Teacher May He Rest in Peace

Updated 04-26-12 1969 to add passing of Ellis Jenkins, class of 1969 and Phillip Long class of 1969

Updated 04-26-12 1970 to add passing of Lawrence McCoy, class of 1970 or 71

Updated 04-26-12 1972 to add the passing of Laverne Lyons, class of 1972

Updated 03-22-12 1978 to add Fallen Warrior Mark Gibson, class of 1978

Updated 01-09-12 1983 to add Fallen Warrior Bobby Dominque, Class of 1983 and

Updated 11-29-11 1970 to update Guest Book entry for James Sawyer

Updated 11-29-111975 to update Guest Book entry for Tanya Batie (Thibodeaux)

Updated this main page with Guest Book entries for Garland Gillette jr, 1982,  Destry Holmes with No Grad year given & Claudia Moncada 1980 to 1982

Updated 1969 11-23-11 to add guest book entry for Diane von Merta

Updated 1990 11-23-11 to add Mauricio Enriquez

Updated 1976 11-22-11 to add Paul Palomo and the finding of a WWHS
 lost lady's Gold Ring in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in 2005 
with initials RS

Updated 1970 11-21-11 to add Carol Ravani Maggio

Updated 1972 11-21-11 to update Michael Williams listing

Updated 1974 11-21-11 to add Suzette Henry, DuWayne Smith (Smitty)

Updated 11-20-11 1965 to add M Bustamante (Brodrick), Robert Sneathen's Story, & Rudyard Vance's Story

Updated 11-20-111992 to add Damon Humphrey photo and links

Updated 11-19-11 1965 to add Robert Sneathen & photo

Updated 11-19-11 1992  to add Maria A Rodriguez (Maria Rodriguez) photo

Updated 11-18-11 1992 to add Maria Rodriguez email searching for Juan Paredes who also graduated in 1992

Updated 11-17-11 1975 to add Rodney Hamlet, Woodrow Wilson High, Class of 1975

Updated 11-11-11 1973 to add Fallen Warrior: Sharon Patricia Mills Class of '73
11-10-11 added Funeral arrangements for Yvonne "Sweetie" Fisher 
(Woodrow Wilson alumni list)
11-08-11 added Darrell W. Thomas, Jr. Funeral Services-
fellow Warrior Darrell Thomas Sr.'s son Darrell Jr. passed away.

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1966 with
Dorthy Philips

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