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From: THELMA LARSON 1965 Aug 26 2003 9:47:14AM
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I'm interessted in getting a reunion together for the first three classes that graduated from Wilson. I thought 2005 would be a good year as it's the middle one for a 40th reunion for the three classes. Unfortunately I live too far away to do the leg work. I'm wondering if anyone living in the San Francisco area is interested in putting together a reunion - nothing elaborate, but nice. Good food, a DJ, a photographer. That's about it. If anyone has an address list for those classes that is half-way current that would be a huge help. We can also send invites through Classmates and by word of mouth, but an address list would be much better. I would be willing to do as much as I can from the east coast but we need someone to find a suitable location and DJ. Please write if you are willing to help out. The last reunion (the huge one) was in 2002, so 2005 seemed like a good choice. Let me know. You can email me directly if you prefer at carlc1 @ prodigy.net (remove the spaces!). Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give!!!
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  From: CHARLES HANDELIN 1964 Sep 15 2003 6:40:44PM
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Thelma, How are you? I read you bit about wanting to do a little get together. I might try something like that. Count me in if you find someone to do the paperwork or should we just call it work. I've actually found about 20 people who are interested and available. A lot more concern than I thought about money. Most people don,t want to do anything, but something casual. Drinks and dinner maybe, but not much more. Others want a weekend deal where in case it doesn't work out or nobody shows up they at least didn't waste time off on a function that no one cared enough to show up........Wierd, huh???? I do think there is a good solid 20 who would come if we did the casual get together thing. Are you interested???? I know you are comming all the way from New York and it would be better to have the "big deal with lots of people" , but I don't have it in me to put that together.
Let me know.....Whatever you decide I'm cool with......I'd even go to New York....I love N.Y.......Broadway and the shows plus all that history stuff back there in the east.....Let me know if you have gotten anyone to bite on your request........Chuck
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  From: THELMA LARSON 1965 Sep 20 2003 8:16:57PM
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Hi Chuck,

Thanks so much for volunteering to help out. When we get closer to knowing what we're doing, I'll let you know how you can be of assistance. I really believe that if we send out invites a great many people will come to a dress up type reunion. You should have seen all the people at the last one. However, several of my close friends in school would have come to a smaller reunion, but felt that the huge one would be too much. Turns out they were right! Way too big and loud. But the first 3 classes would be a nice group, all about the same age and interests, and like the same music. I haven't found a person in the SF area willing to do all the leg work yet, but I have just started looking so hang in there and I'll let you know what I come up with. We're looking at the summer of 2005.

Take care,
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  From: CHRISTINE NOVOSEL 1966 Sep 27 2003 12:56:57PM
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so how goes it--i live in alameda---nice to get together with old classmates, eh? i had a great time at the 2002 huge reunion...
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  From: CHRISTINE NOVOSEL 1966 Sep 27 2003 12:57:43PM
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i forgot one small detail: 510-865-9137 u may call me if you wish to discuss reunion, eh?
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  From: CHRISTINE NOVOSEL 1966 Sep 27 2003 12:59:08PM
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hey, thelma---just wanting to say---a big HI to you---
you be well, friend---

chris novosel
class of 66
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  From: SHELLY TATUM 1979 Sep 27 2003 1:24:28PM
  (8) '64/'65/'66 Reunion 2005 (in reply to 3)


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  From: Thelma Larson 1965 Feb 14 2004 6:27:15PM
  (10) '64/'65/'66 Reunion 2005 (in reply to 1)

I'm just adding a new message here so this message stays on the front page of the message board. I want everyone to keep the summer of 2005 in their minds so we can get a reunion together for our 40th year!!! Kind of monumental. My 'baby' turned 30 today - Valentine's Day! Makes me start to feel old! NEVER!!! Stay young all! Love ya'
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  From: C. Elizabeth (carol) Plamondon 1966 Apr 23 2004 2:12:20PM
  To: Thelma Larson 1965
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Not sure I can do much...pretty swamped with owning my own business, and trying to get re-established after a major move last year...plus some health problems.
But, I would be interested in something OUTSIDE of SF proper.. (I just 'escaped' from that hellhole! ;-) down the peninsula would work).
This should help keep your message to the forefront. ;-)
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  From: Darryl Cox 1966 Aug 16 2004 4:20:48PM
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Dana Eng, '66, is interested in putting a small event together. My email address is ******************* Contact me directly and I will give you Dana's email address.
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  From: Emigdio(Mige) Galicia, Jr. 1966 Aug 21 2004 6:25:59PM
  To: Thelma Larson 1965
  (13) '64/'65/'66 Reunion 2005 (in reply to 10)

Howzit Thelma, Sounds like a great idea. It's always a blast to party with folks from the past. You can count me in along with a dozen or so alumnis that I still see. Here's just a few names that would be interested (Romeo Aurelio, Mike Streick, Bob Tobener, Tom Portue, Don Frediani, MIke Klein, Ron Rojas, Joe Watts, Bob Pate, Rick Melanese, Dan Garibaldi, Dick Virgil, Charlie Bolds, Gene Sanchez, Chuck Ferrara, and a few more. Believe or not but these old farts can still party, some them carefully. In fact I just recently spoke with John Lazarich about a reunion. There's a few us from Wilson, The Road, Mel's Drive In, etc. that get together for a yearly reunion. I can't do much leg work but I can make some phone calls and get a few people together. Let's do it. Commit. It's already August 2004 and time is getting short. Stay Kool, Mige.....Class of Fall 65
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