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Class of 1980 Alumni, can you send me your graduation photos by scanning in or digital camera photo at least high resolution to post here?


Stacey Laniola (Addomo)

Roy Alejandro

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Maria Andino

Birthday: February 2

Edita Escolar (Balajadia)

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Maria (Libet) Cruz (Bautista)

Birthday: February 3


I work graveyard shift for AT&T in San Francisco. I have a 21 year old son who works for Genentec and a 18 year old daughter who is in college and keeps busy dancing with Likha Filipino Dance group. I travel along with my daughter on her dance tours. I find time to hang out with friends. Learned that true friends will always be there for you.

Rita Baldacchino

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980


I currently work in San Francisco

Sherry Bryson (Sherry Kiel)

All-Access Passholder

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Birthday: July 20


Hello Fellow Warriors!

Some of you may remember me as the shy, quiet type (who was that person anyway?). But that was back in high school. Although I am still that way from time to time (especially when I first meet someone), for the most part I've changed (as I'm sure most of us have). Sometimes some of my friends say I talk too much.

I have one daughter who's in her senior year of high school, and my pride and joy. She's a very bright girl, who keeps me very busy (especially when helping her with her homework).

I currently work in the medical field at Alta Bates Medical Center. I have been there for about a year and a half.

After about 20 years as an Administrative Assistant, I made a career change in 2002-03. I attended a vocational school for Medical Secretary. After I finished the course I got hired at the Herrick Campus of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. As an employee there, I was a Unit Clerk in the Psychiatric Ward. My position there ended in 8/06 which allowed me to have a few months off before finding another job. I now work in San Francisco at United Behavioral Health.

From: Sherry Bryson [sl_bryson@hotmail.com ]
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In regards to the Woodrow Wilson High School Alumni website, I am from the class of 1980. Please include my name in the "Alumni Graduation Year Class Students Information" section of the website. I would like to submit my photo from that year, but am unable to do so.

Thank you.

Sherry Kiel then in WWHS

Sherry Bryson now, in 2007

Carrie Carter

Roel Castro

Torri Conley

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

David Contreras

Vivian Contreras

Kelly Crmann

Dorothy Crowder

Maria Cruz

Lisa Curry (1980)

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Susan McElroy (Curry)

Danita Daniels

Danny Dantes

Stefanny de Guzman

Teresa McHale (Defonce)

Birthday: August 14

Romeo Dela Cruz (Duque)

Adelaida Estrada - Hijazi (Estrada)

Menerito B Floresca

Laurie Fullwood

Rosie Pastora (Galea)

Anna Gleaves

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Francisco / Frank Gonzalez

All-Access Passholder

Birthday: December 12


Hello all of my fellow James Lick Skipper and Woodrow Wilson Warriors! Wow, can't believe it's been over 29 plus years that we walked upon that stage at Masonic Auditorium, and ventured into our lives as graduates. Since graduating, life has and still is both FANTASTIC & GREAT! I am currently single and have no children. I am a Christian, yet I'm also human and do make mistakes and have needs just like everyone else does. I definitely place my life in the order of GOD, FAMILY and CAREER! Going on my 10th year now working in the Human Resources/Personnel Department for City College of San Francisco and loving it! I reside in beautiful Pacifica, California.

Among the many things I have accomplished and done academically since the good 'ol days of Woodrow Wilson are graduating from City College of San Francisco and CAL BERKELEY with degrees of a BS in Criminology and a BA in Journalism.

During the 1980's, somehow I ended up doing stand up comedy,involved in the music industry working with many local bay area musical entertainers and bands/groups such as Boz Scaggs, Carlos Santana, Greg Kihn, Journey, Tesla, The Tubes, Eric Martin Band, Huey Lewis and The News, Sammy Hagar, Confunkshun, The Whisperers and others primarily as a back up vocalist and also accompanied in writing some songs (Lyrics) too!

Today, I still am active in the musical entertainment fields, as I work with many artists, primarily with younger artists in the Hip Hop/Rap and Rock n Roll scene, as an adviser/mentor, manager, promoter, producer and supporter. I rarely take the stage doing stand up comedy any longer, however I do once in a while take the mic and jam with some bands at local venues and taverns especially on an "open mic" jam night etc.

I currently continue to write material for many comedians even some well known friends in the business, howver I enjoy doing this, yet keep myself at a low profile, thus I do not indulge or thrive in the spotlight and such,as I keep it on the 'down low" and do my work under an alias as I ghost write and such.

In the music scene, many know my handle as "+GOD's HITMAN+ !" I received that name due to apparently my assistance with alot of artists, seems to be positve due to they usually move on to the next level due to my "touch" of working in the studio and promoting their talents, thus the handle name etc.

Well, I often do go back into my memories and reminisce of all the great times that I shared with everyone at the schools I attended, yet the best years definitely were James Lick, Woodrow Wilson High and City College!

Hopefully we can get together and begin working on reconnecting, however I'd definitely would like to work with my peers and friend on setting up a 30 Year Reunion or even a Woodrow Wilson High of all classes Reunion, now that would be awesome!

If anyone else has shares that idea, or wants to begin the trek of getting things going on such, hit me up, let's get it on! Please, send me a message if you like, and I'll reply for I've been a member here for years now, and have connected with a few of you, and definitely look forward on re connecting with many more of you beautiful people.
Always with my love, prayers and support!

Francisco "Chico" Gonzalez
aka: "Frank/Big Frank"

Jerry Guerrero

George Hashimoto

Bess Gayac (Gutierrez)

George Hashimoto

Andy Henry

Terry Hollins

Rose Hughes

Henry Ibayan

Josefina Icban

Bob Jes

Teresa Jordan

Connie Caraang (Jose)

Richard Kendall

All-Access Passholder

Arif Khalik

Deborah King

Joseph Knighten

Alejandro (Alex) Lacayo

Sandra Lee-quinnine (Lee)

Jerome Lewis

Timothy Long

Birthday: May 9

Florence Pardilla (Lucas)

Quan Ly

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980


Hello friends....You guys might know me by the name of Maritess or Tess Malpaya and my sister Cynthia Malpaya. I Graduated in 1980.
I mingled w/ Cynthia, Luz (Luzviminda), Libet (Maria), Solly (Soledad), Agnes, Josie & Mike Icban, Nonette & Lisa Lansang, Arnel Realin, Freddie (Alfredo) DeLaTorre
......and the list goes on. I'm married to a wonderful man for 23yrs now. We have 2 great children, Jonathan 23 & Lorianne 21. I now live in Stockton, CA. Currently working for the Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) as a Licensing Inv. I surely miss our HS days, all those good times & great friends. Looking forward to hear from all my friends. Always & Forever Maritess (Tess)....

Ralph Richie (Malph)

Birthday: August 29


Went into the Armed forces (Army) then doing Silk Screen Printing for the last 15 years, now going back to school for HVAC trade!!!

Belinda Miller (Martin)

Roberto Martin

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Eduardo (Eddie) Martinez

Pablo Mayorga

Birthday: October 26


Since I droped out of Wilson I got married to my high school Girlfriend Patricia. We have two kids. I went back to get my GED and a Associate of Applied Science Degree. I worked as Comcast Installer/Contractor and a computer Network installer. I an now a proud Grandfather thanks to my daughter. My son is a Singer/musician/bartender working in SF.

Mario Paredes

Ferdinand Pascual

Bernedette Perez (Patrocinio)

Birthday: February 9

Debra Walker (Perry)

Lesley Poole

Name: Betty J. Ramirez aka maiden name Orozco
E-Mail: B_Ramirez_0363@yahoo.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Richmond, CA
Comments: Hi, Just wanted to say hello. I'm still alive, healthy and well. I am 45 now and recently divorced. I have one daughter, age 19, and one grandson, who just turned a month and a half. I am a legal assistant and also have my own on-line business. I would love to hear from you if you remember me. I was pretty shy in high school, but I am in the year book. I graduated in 1980.
Year & Class Graduated in? 1980

Me with hair on my face

Baby Joey all suited up

Betty J. Ramirez Grandson and Daughter

Betty J. Ramirez Babyboy Family Pet

Patricia Ramos

Arnel Realin

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980


Check back later. More stuff about me will be added.

Rhonda Redo-Brown (Redo)

Herb Reed

David Rios

Brewster Robertson

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980


Howdy Class of 1980... Time does fly fast after High School... let's see.. it has been about 28 years since I graduated and I am doing just fine.. I am married and have 3 kids (including twin boys) and am busy with network design and implementation for IBM.

To all of those I knew way back when, a poem to remininsce (a small hobby of mine):

A Time and Place
There was a time where we did not worry;

We did not work; we did not flurry;

To places unknown; to sights unseen;

No partner responsibilities; not one to mean;

Just friends and fancy; frolicking abound;

Playing games outside; teamwork around;

A simple life it was; we remember it well;

Our parents protect, enveloped us, pray tell;

Our presence was our task; our existence was our bond;

We watched and learned and submit; we are so fond;

Eventually we grow and own, the sow of their fruits;

We learn from their faults; we learn from their truths;

Our mothers, our fathers taught us to no end;

We take what we learned; we are grateful as they ascend;

Our lives become complicated as we grow and age;

Our simplicity has waned as our time turns the page;

I remember the day; remember it with grace;

Of our simplicity, in a time and a place...

Continue to enjoy, Class of 1980!

Roshon Frazier (Runnels)

Marlon Salinas

Leonard Fells (Same)

Stephen Smith

Destiny Starr

Moni Falefia (Tialevea)

Odilie Orantes (Toruno)

Gloria Urrutia

Lisa Vitalis

Vincent Washington

Bridget Armstrong (Williams)

Woodrow Wilson High School, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Class Of 1980

Cornelius Williams

Lisa Williams

Judy Wimberly

David Wong

Clinton Young

Arnold Zamora

Renel Zamora