Our Wounded Military Need Our Help at Walter Reed

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Our Wounded Military Need Our Help

Dear Fellow Group Members,

As you are aware, our recent military success in Fallujah came at a price. Nearly 300 new wounded and injured have gone to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany for treatment. Many of these will then go on to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Over 3,700 wounded and injured have already been treated At WRAMC.

After a brief bit of background information, we are going to list some ways that you can help our Operation Iraqi Freedom [OIF] and Operation Enduring Freedom [OEF] wounded and injured who are being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Background: In October 2003, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 270, McLean, VA launched its Angels of Mercy Program in response to an American Red Cross appeal for help in supporting our OIF/OEF combat casualties. The Angels volunteers supply clothing and comfort items to the wounded, and food and other necessities to family members 1-3 times a week. To date, Americans from over half our states have contributed directly to our Program.

The Program has become enormously successful and has received a number of awards, including  Newmans Own Award [actor Paul Newman] as the National Winner for being the Best Program in the Country for Supporting Our Active Military and their Families. The co-founder of the Program, Marian Chirichella, was chosen American Legion Auxiliary Unit Member of the Year in Virginia and was recognized at the National American Legion Convention in Nashville in August for her leadership in helping our combat casualties.

Here is what the Angels of Mercy Program is working on now, AND HERE ARE OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU TO HELP:

Our volunteers continue to supply clothing and comfort items to the wounded, and food and other necessities to family members staying at the three Walter Reed Fisher Houses. Our current resources are good for the next several weeks; after that we could use some help [items or donations] see our web site for what we need and how to donate.

For the Holiday Season, we have teamed with other Auxiliary Units in Northern Virginia [17th District] and in Southern Maryland to provide presents for an estimated 200 combat casualties who will not be able to be home for the holidays. In addition, every child and spouse/significant other will receive a present. We are looking for donations to help with the gift giving. We will be serving brunch and passing out gifts on Christmas morning.

We recently talked to the head nurse at each of the Wards at WRAMC supporting the wounded and asked what we could do to help their patients while they are recovering from their wounds and injuries. Based on these discussions, we will be providing six TVs with both DVD and VHS capability and 20 Personal DVD players. These items will remain the property of the Wards when the patients are ready to leave the hospital. In addition, the nurses asked for hand held games that the wounded could keep: we need at least 100. We could use some help here: items or cash donations with which to buy the items.

Please see our web site: www.McLeanPost270.org/oifoef  for additional information on the Angels Program, what to donate, how to donate, links to news items concerning our work, and a number of stories concerning our experiences helping our wounded military and their families.

We also launched our No Soldier Left In Need Project this fall to address the post-WRAMC needs of our wounded. Details of this Project are posted on the web site: see above.

In addition, we have built our own Yahoo Group and AOL Group, mostly to show photographs of our activities. These are works in progress so please check back often. They require permission to join, but we will be glad to grant that if you ID yourself as a group member.



Please help in any way you feel appropriate: just getting the word out on the need to help is terrific. In a couple of days we will send another message on ways to get your community members, churches, school children, and scouts involved.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you would like additional information.

Warm regards,

Marian T. Chirichella
President, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 270, McLean, VA

D. Jay Edwards
Vice Commander, American Legion Post 270, McLean, VA
Angels of Mercy Program