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I, your Web Master, James R. Santos, ex-TM2(SS), USNR. I am a Life Member of the Torpedoman's Association.

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Craig Johnson

March 10 at 2:01pm

For those of us who have been to the submarine base New London

Against his personal preference, PT boat commander Ward Stewart is made executive officer of the submarine USS Corsair. On leave…


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New 11-13-17

Torpedomen, do you have any stories, memorabilia, and/or photos to share on our web site?   If so, please contact Web-Master

Patch from my Fleet ASW School, San Diego, CA 1966



Your Web-Master then in 1969, TM2(SS) USN Submarine Reserve

The photo above was taken, as I recall, on board one of those covered Coaxain's Boats (1969, as TM2(SS), USNR).

This was just after I had completed a week end working in the Torpedo Shop on the Sub Tender USS Sperry or USS Nereus.

Another Reservist from my Submarine Reserve Unit 12-9, TM2(SS) Gus Ruiz, snapped this photo. He has since passed away.  He was a photographer by trade, as I recall.

TM2(SS) Gus Ruiz has since passed away

Sailor Rest Your Oar

May He Rest In Peace

He took the photo as we were returning to shore from the tender, which was moored out in the water at Fort Roscans, Ballast Point Submarine Base, San Diego, California.

Please send me a message. I  will reply to your email and let you know where to email me your stories & photos

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1968 to 1971




Your Web-Master

Your Web Master in 10-12-2003

USNR & USCGR - My Training & Advancement



Seaman Recruit



Seaman Apprentice




Actually TMSN(SG)


 TMSN(SS) in 1967

Torpedoman's Mate 
Third Class


Torpedoman's Mate Second Class

1968 to 1971

Bluejacket's Manual
Sixteenth Edition


Basic Military Req'ts







Petty Officer 3 & 2



TM 3 & 2


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After Torpedo Room of USS Diodon

The fellow torpedoman used my camera to snap this photo, however, I blinked just as he took the photo.


1967 on USS Diodon (SS-349) just about to depart Hong Kong B.C.C.  TMSN(SS)

 (New 11-20-15)

Here is SKSN(SS) Don Gaddis approaching me, in Hong Kong bring a tool to take down the capstan before we departed from Hong Kong.

 New 05-09-18



Here I am, clean shaven, in Buckner Bay, TM3(SS), Okinawa, post 55 day surveillance patrol

After Torpedo Room of USS Diodon
 (SS-349), Small Arms Petty Officer



Image of Torpedo Tube interior, much like the 21" x 24 Foot ones I had to clean on USS Diodon (SS-349) in the ATR.

I did so wearing overalls, laying on a curved coaster in the damp smelling tube, with diesel oil in a bucket and steel wool to scrub to tube interior surfaces.

Not so bad on my stomach, or my side.  Dripping fuel oil onto my face and overalls was the situation while laying on my back to scrub the upper side and top interior surfaces.

Of course, while in the tube, I was rather concerned that one of my shipmates might close the breech door as a joke on me.  Fortunately, that did not happen!

Once I was finished scrubbing, from the breech door end to the inside of the outer tube door surface 24 feet back into the tube, I got out of the tube, rather soaked in fuel oil.

Well, that is the memory to share here.

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To contact web master Jim Santos at  

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Torpedoman Reunions

2015 TM Reunion in D.C.

Created 10-21-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 2

Created 10-22-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 3

Created 10-23-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 4

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 5

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 6

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 7

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 8

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 9

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 10

Created 10-29-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 11

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 12

Created 10-31-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 13

Created 11-01-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 14

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 15

Created 11-03-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 16

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 17

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 18

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 19

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 20

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 21

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 22

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 23

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 24

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 25

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 26

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 27

Created 11-20-15 

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 28

Created 11-21-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 29

Created 11-22-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 30

Created 11-23-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 31

Created 11-24-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 32

Created 11-25-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 33

Created 11-30-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 34

Created 12-01-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 35

Created 12-02-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 36

Created 12-03-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 37

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 38

Created 12-07-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 39

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 40

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 41

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 42

Created 12-16-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 43

Created 12-21-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 44

Created 12-22-15

2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 45

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 46

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2015 TM Reunion in D.C. Part 47

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Got this from a friend of mine.  In case your'e interesting in purchasing a Mk14 torpedo, here it is up for sale.  r/ Bob

Subject: FW: MK14 in SGN

Came across this today.  Thought it might fit in your motorhome.


Surplus you just can’t buy anymore! This original inert torpedo was the tool by which brave U.S. Sailors sunk a majority of the 5 million+ tons of enemy shipping in WW2. Having served for 50 years, this torpedo was born in the Depression, suffered bizzare malfunctions in the early part of WW2 including detonating early, penetrating enemy shipping and not exploding, bouncing off the target, turning back on the friendly sub that fired it, and well, a host of sailor lore surrounds this beast. It succeeded well after the 3 major ‘bugs’ were fixed. Finally being retired in the early 1980s. We only have one remaining, and since the Govern­ment completley destroys these nowadays, this may be your only chance to obtain one. Warhead explosive, detonator and cap have been removed. Size: 17 feet long, 22 inches wide $5,000.00 F.O.B. Easton



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The Torpedoes
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The Torpedo Tubes, Torpedo Rooms, Mines & More
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German DESTROYERS - Large Torpedo Boats/Torpedo Boat Destroyers - WWI

Grumman TBF - TBM Avenger - Carrier Based Torpedo Bomber
From: Robert Marble TMCS(SS) USN (Ret) []
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 10:00 PM
Subject: When you were offline (via Bravenet HumanClick)http;// avenger. html "TBF/TBM Avenger specifications state that it carried one 22" Mk 8 Torpedo (13' long)
It carried a Mk 13 Mod 1 torpedo, weighing 2216#, 13.5' long and 22.42" diameter.  Range  6300 yards, speed 33.5 knots, explosive charge 600# Torpex.

(Updated 11-06-06)

History of the Torpedo Branch of the Royal Navy

(New 02-09-14)

Japanese Nakajima B5N1 and B5N2 (Kate) Carrier Based Torpedo Bomber

Mark 14 torpedoes and submarines
(New 03-27-12)

(New 09-30-13)

MK37, NT37 and MK44 TORPEDO
(New 09-30-13)

(New 09-30-13)

Minecraft Submarine Tutorial (Walkthrough and Torpedo Tubes Tutorial)

(New 09-30-13)

PT Boats, Torpedo Boats

(New 09-30-13)

Submarine Torpedo Tubes and Firing Systems
(New 09-30-13)

The Story of PT518

The Torpedo Incident

Torpedo at US Sub Vets of Northern CA Lost Boats Memorial
(New 11-13-06)

Torpedo findings from the Internet

Torpedo Squadron Four - The Pacific Theater

Torpedo Town U.S.A. - Chapter 7

Torpedo Tubes

Updated 05-05-14

Torpedo tubes on U.S. submarines in World War II were basically large naval guns that used compressed air rather than explosives to eject their projectiles. Most modern submarines use compressed air to force water into the tube, thus ejecting the torpedo with no possibility of air escaping the tube. One marked difference between any torpedo tube and a gun is that the torpedo itself is self-propelling; the tube generally supplies only the initial impetus for the torpedo. Shown above is a view of the outboard side of a tube in a fleet submarine.

Tough Torpedo Bomber
An Adobe PDF document

U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casualties of World War II

When the torpedoes hit the German U-boat it was the biggest bang I’d ever heard’
(New 09-30-13)

The Torpedoman's Mates

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(New 11-05-12)



The Blowhole

Dolphin Base, USSVI

July, 2013

Volume 9, Number 9 

Established in 1841 and disestablished 2 April 1949, originally signified men of the Seaman branch.

During WWII these rates included Boatswains Mate, Turret Captain, Signalman, Gunners Mate, Fire Controlman, Quarter-master, Mineman, and Torpedoman's Mate. Other ratings wore rates on the left sleeve.

(New 05-15-14)

Torpedoman - Established 1921; changed to Torpedoman's Mate 1942.

(New 04-10-14)

Torpedoman's Mate (abbreviated as TM) was a United States Navy occupational rating. It was disestablished on 1 October 2007.

Surface Torpedomen were merged into the Gunner's Mate rating, while submarine Torpedomen were merged into the Machinist Mate (non-nuclear) rating, becoming MM(W) or Machinist Mates (Weapons).

(New 04-10-14)

From: Jack Duncan []
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 3:34 PM
To: Jack Duncan
Subject: Updated Navy Torpedomen within 1940-1949 Torpedomen A & 2000-2010 & later on 04-21-14

Kith and Kin,

 Marlene and I have discovered through our many school presentations for the Joe Foss Institute that much of America has no idea about history or civics while geography is a total unknown.  This is due to a change in the basic precepts of the educational system, especially post-World War 2.  I written a long treatise on that subject that you may ask about.

 Below and through the links posted is a long-overdue compilation of rudimentary and elementary things that should not be lost to history.  Glimpses into the not-too-distance past, for there are those, like me, still alive who lived these adventures.

Thanks to Jim Santos, his expertise with a computer and memories of various old guys like me, perhaps 2 or 3 percent of you will read these memories of old salts.  The rest are simply too busy or their lives are too frenetic and helter-skelter could give a rat's.  That's my challenge!! 

Oh!  And send it on to others who may be interested.


(New 04-24-14)

Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2014 12:01 AM
Subject: Re: Updated Torpedoman's Association with updated 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989 and 1990-1999 on 08-15-14

Don't forget, that FC settings could be also set manually at the torpedo tube, depth by hand and gyro from the "jeep".
DBF  Michael F. Lintner, TMCM(SS)

(New 09-15-14)


Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 4:55 PM
To: james santos
Subject: Torpedo men (old friends)

Hi James;  My name is Bill Little.  I was a gunners mate on the Pine Island in the 60's.  I worked with a lot of the torpedo men.  Was wondering if you might have contact information on L.H. Acuft (TM-2), Tyson (TM-2), Taylor (SM), or  F.A.  Zerwitz  (GMT-2)?  Would appreciate any info. you might have to help me location old buddies.  I am thinking about going to the San Diego reunion in Sept.  My home ph. # is (541) 679-2204.  Thanks Again for your time.  Bill Little.  Feel free to pass my number on. Thx

(New 03-28-14)

From: Donald Hayden 
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 7:43 AM
Subject: Saw your website

Mr. Santos,

Came across the torpedoman website after finding a letter postmarked 1999 from the Association of Torpedoman's Mates (while cleaning storage) and wondered if this was what your organization evolved from.

I was Torpedoman 2nd serving on the USS Allen M. Sumner, DD-592 and the USS Yellowstone, AD-27.

Have some photos from my experiences serving on both. Currently serve as the main photographer for the Sumner reunions.


Don Hayden

(New 07-10-14)

Sent: 2/5/2013 11:38:46 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Looking for a picture of my Dad.
CTMV  Wesley "D" Timmerman,  Newport Naval Station, RI
Last on USS Kearsarge
Was in Pearl Harbor on the USS Case
Served from 41 to 46.

Thanks, Mark Timmerman

(New 02-10-13)

All DD-762 and DD-391 shipmates are invited to attend SIPS Reunion 7 to 10 May 2006

PT Boat Torpedoman

The Torpedoman's Mates - Rank/Rate Description


The Torpedoman's Association Newsletters

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Fixed bad link on 10-18-15


I, your Web-Master, have gotten emails from 2 people pointing out the the November 2003 issue of the TMA Newsletter contains an error.  Here is the correction:

Ahmad Majied was not a SEAL

AP Uses Fake SEAL to Back Kerry, Slam Bush