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A View from the Periscope

Album for USS Tautog SS 199 & SSN 639

British Sub Links

Chris Pauli SSN-571 A-gang 59' - 62' Photo of USS Nautilus

Classes of Submarines

Fotos of Manitowoc SubVets Reunion and USS Cobia

German Uboat Links

Guppy Submarines Internal Photos - DBF!

Haze Gray and Underway
A lengthy list of links to photographs

Military Picture Gallery
Photos of Submarines & more

 Navy Submarine Images

Regulus Cruise Missile Photo Gallery

 Ron's Submarine's Covers

Russian Foxtrot B39 in Seattle Washintgon -

Seawolf: Submerged Torpedo Shot -
Naval Technology website

Submarines In and About Their Nests

USS Balao (SS-285, later AGSS-285), 1943-1963

USS Diodon (SS-349) Boat & Crew Photos

VADM Yogi and Steve Kaufman

VADM Yogi Kaufman