PSC James R. Santos, USCGR, circa 1986 to 1988, with his sons

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PSC James R. Santos, USCGR, with sons, circa 1986 to 1988

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This photo was taken outside the side entrance of The Church of the Nativity, a Catholic church about 100 years old at that time, in Menlo Park, California.  Since 1978, I was a Lector and an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist and until 1989, when I filed divorce papers on my wife at that time.

This photo shows, from your left to right, S.P. Santos, my self, and my first born son,  Both sons were in the Boy Scouts and I was in the USCGR, so we took this uniformed photo together.

I, their Father, was born July 21, 1947.

My first born Son was born November 29, 1971.

SPS was born December 5, 1973.