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Lost Boats & Lost Submariners

World War I and before - U.S. Submarines
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World War II and before - U.S. Submarines
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Cold War U.S. Submarines
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Post Cold War Submarines
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 Lost Boats & Lost Submariners


March 25, 1915 - F-4 (SS 23) becomes the first American submarine casualty, sinking off the coast of Honolulu.
(New 04-16-05)

Loss of the Flier - WWII

Loss of USS Harder - WWII

Lost Boats for October

Lost Boats & Lost Submariners

USS Cochino (SS-345) Lost 26 August 1949

USS Perch (SS-176) WWII submarine hull found on ocean floor
(New 01-21-07)

USS Wahoo (SS-328) hull found on ocean floor
(New 01-21-07)


The U.S. Submarine S-51 In memory of my grandfather and the S-51 crew whose lives ended too soon.September 25, 1925
(New 11-11-04)

USS Darter (SS-227)

USS Darter (SS-227)

USS Darter (SS-227) Aground on Bombay Shoal, South China Sea Photos 1944 - 1998

USS Thresher (SSN-593)

USS Thresher (SSN-593)

Recognizing the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the U.S.S. Thresher (SSN 593)

Poets And Loved Ones Of Lost Seamen Recall The Tragic Loss Of The Thresher
(New 09-15-04)

Strict Submarine Safety Program Part Of Doomed Thresher's Legacy

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Civil War Submarines

American Civil War submarine found

Civil War Sub found in Las Perlas Panama

Crew Bench to be Removed in Preparation for Civil War Sub Conservation

Civil War Underwater Warfare Prints
(New 09-26-05)

Excavation of Civil War Sub H. L. Hunley Ends

The crew of the Hunley will be put to rest at Magnolia Cemetery on Saturday, 17 April  2004

The Recovery of the Confederate Submarine HUNLEY 

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General Info on and about Subs

45 technical plans of submarines
In this section, these are presented. The plans are organized in a chronological fashion so that a more or less historic overview of submarine technology should be obtained. Note however that the author's collection is far from complete. Any addition would be very much appreciated.

Japanese Subs Captured

(New 06-25-05)

(New 06-26-05)

The Occupation of Japan
(New 06-26-05)

(new 01-02-05)

Look, up in the Sky... it's a Bird... it's a Plane... Holy Cow! It's a Japanese Submariner!

All Hands Submarine Edition page

Carenna visits a submarine
(a story in the life of a little person)

CNO Discusses Navy's Journey into Future During Groton Visit

Defining test depth and high yield hull metals
(Updated 05-28-05 with Bulletin No. 31)

Diesel Engines

Diesel subs surface as a new threat

During World War II there was only one confirmed instance of a U. S. submarine firing on another U. S. submarine

Electric Boat Production Record Groton Yard, Post-1924

For Four Subs, It's Goodbye Ballistic Missiles, Hello SEALs
(New 01-09-05)

Great Web Site for Submarine Movies

Home Pages of Submarines on the Internet

It is a bright and exciting future for all of us in the submarine force
(Updated 03-08-04)

Links to major Submarine Memorial Pages

Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company History

NATO Nations Are Participating In The Largest Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise The Organization Has Ever Held

Naval Undersea Warfare Center and University of Texas at Austin kick off "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2004"

Navy's First Fleet Interactive Display Equipment Training Simulator Dedicated

Navy to Stand up Fleet Anti-submarine Warfare Command

New Steely eyed killers of the Deep Shirts

Notification of need for on-line Auction for the Razorback return

NSSC Stands up on Subase Bangor

Pacific Submarine Force Commander Envisions New Era of Warfare

Stories from other Web Sites

Submarines on the Air

"Dedicated to the preservation of submarine history"

Submarines & Art Prints & Photos

Submarine Books

Submarines, Secrets, and Spies

Submarine Industry Now Presses To Build Two Subs A Year

Submarine Speed versus Sea State (knots) with Technical Data

Submerged Transit Navigational Protocol

Submarine Video Links

Submarine Warfare Center - exciting links to the Submarine Force's mission, history, magazine, and library

The Austro-Hungarian Submarine Force


Upcoming USS Torsk WWII Video

US Submarines Chronology: A Century of Silent Service
... established. Oct—Four K boats deploy to the Azores. ... Poseidon missile conversions begin on SSBN-616-class submarines. 1972 ...

Whiskey on the Rocks Russian Sub

World-Wide Inventory Of Active Diesels

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