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U.S. Submarine School, Groton, CT - Class Photos

Navy Submarine veteran, 103, is living history
(New 12-23-06)

Those Were Our Days web movie

(New 10-12-08)

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General Interest Stories and Information on Submariners
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 5 Vector Model for Submariners Focuses on Tracking Qualifications

11 Sailors Adjudicated and 7 Pending in Drug Charges

1970 Cruise Book Photos of Menhaden's Last Extended Cruise To The South Pacific (Courtesy of Les Guille, Menhaden's Last Commanding Officer, 1970-71)  Weap0ns Department

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A lost Submarine Sailor

A Man is looking for a Rock shipmate TMCSS Winder, COB in 1967
(New 02-05-06)

Submarine Officer Lt. Cmdr. David Adams receives Naval Institute Honor

TM1(SS) Allie, Diodon Seaman Gang Boss, 1960


CDR Alton (Bud) M. Arrington passed away 16 February 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar


MM3(SS) Joseph Allen Ashley

Funeral arrangements for Akron area Sub Vet injured on the USS San Francisco
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Services held for MM3(SS) Joseph Allen Ashley
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A Life In The Boats: TMC Russell H. Rau 

Joe Bellinghiere, Seaman 1st class, torpedoman striker. (Sometime between 1/1/43 and 7/1/44)

Rear Adm. Allen A. Bergner - Executive officer of USS Diodon (SS 349) 1949-1950

Captain Ned Beach

A sad day for us all for Captain Beach is on "Final Patrol"

Captain Edward L. (Ned) Beach, USN (Ret.) Services

He Lived What He Wrote - In Memoriam: Ned Beach, warrior and novelist

Navy Captain and Author Edward Beach

Passing of Captain Edward L. Beach

The U. S. Naval Institute Pays Tribute to Captain Edward L. Beach Jr.

Sailor Rest Your Oar


Vice Admiral Marmaduke Bayne, U.S. Navy (Ret.), passed away 27 Jan 2005
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CAPT Charles Dunbar Bean, USN (Ret.) passed away 17 November 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar


CDR Norman "Buz" Bessac, USN (Ret.) died on 29 March 2005
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Captain Gary Bethke, USNR (Ret.) Has Past Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Captain Charles B. Bishop, USN (Ret.) Receives the Roger Revelle Award

RMCM(SS) USNR (ret) Jerry Bliss memories of time aboard USS Rock

ROCK Deck-Ape to Cook

Man Overboard!


Jerry Bliss as a very young sailor in Summer 1958

A couple of sea stories from Charlie Gipe WWII Sub Vet
(New 09-09-05)


EN2(SS) Murlin J. "Bo" Bowden, on USS Raton 1954-1957 has passed away 3 July 2005
Sailor Rest Your Oar


VADM Jon L. Boyes, USN (Ret.) passed on 21 September 2004
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Captain Clarence C. Brock Jr., USN (Retired) has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Captain Edward Hughes Browder, USN (Ret.) passed away 3 January 2005
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LT Edward J. Brown USN (Ret) died 13 January 2005
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CAPT Keith M. Bunting, USN (Ret.) died Dec 27, 2002
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LT(SS) James F. Carlier, USS Diodon WP '67

Navy Rear Adm. Jeffrey B. Cassias is being assigned as commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Cassias Relieves Sullivan as COMSUBPAC


Toby G. Christopher, Diodon Crew Fall 1952 --Spring 1955

Navy CDR Laurel Clark, Submariner and Astronaut
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Captain Jared E. Clarke III has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Submariner Admiral Archie Clemins, USN (Ret.)

Memory of Diodon and some history from Toby Christopher

Submarine Hero:  John Philip Cromwell - WWII 

Last Patrol of A Great Submariner, Capt Slade Deville Cutter, USN Retired

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The DBF Pin
(New 09-03-07)

MM3 Torpedoman Tom Dalbec checks the torpedo tubes for water aboard the USS Pasadena

Diodon Commissioning Crew - loading the first torpedo at Newport, Road Island, in 1946

Pigboat Ramblings by Bob Dwinell ENCS(SS) USN (Ret.) 1950-1976

Navy Submariner Vice Admiral Kirkland H. Donald

Archerfish’s Capt. Joseph Enright Dies
Sailor Rest Your Oars


Eternal Patrol Report - CAPT Engquist and RADM Marlor
Sailors Rest Your Oars
(New 12-20-06)


Captain John F. Fagan Jr. U. S. Navy (Retired) has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar

TM1(SS) John Fankhouser - A Torpedoman of WWII Submarine Duty 

Robert E. Ferguson, TM3(SS), Diodon crew of '63-'66

Final Patrol

 Flag Officer Assignments - Submariners

Forget Blow and Go and Good-bye Steinke Hoods

Ralph Foster served on Smoke Boat to Nuc Boats in 20 years of Naval service

ET1(SS) Jack Fox Obituary
Sailor Rest Your Oar



Captain John L. From, Jr., U. S. Navy (Ret.) passed away 19 March 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar

From a Forward Torpedo Room Torpedoman

From Destroyers to Submarines (WWII)

ET1(SS) Jack "Fox" Fox, 1944-1945, USS Raton shipmate, is deteriorating secondary to advanced heart disease

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Harry E. Geisler CTCM(SS), Raton Shipmate 1944-1945

ADMIRAL E. P. GIAMBASTIANI, Jr. United States Navy, Commander U.S. Joint Forces Command

Grieving in Groton -- For retired sailors, base provides a way of life

Sub base’s cherished history couldn’t salvage its value


Captain Guy F. Gugliotta has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Cmdr. Lee Hankins, former Greeneville Skipper Selected for Vice Adm. James Stockdale Leadership Award

Captain David G. Harschied, USN (Ret.) has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Passing of Diodon Shipmate Leroy Hill
Sailor Rest your Oar



Captain James T. High, USN (Ret.)  died suddenly 22 December 2003
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Rear Admiral Thomas M. Hopkins, U.S. Navy (Ret.) has passed away
Sailor Rest Your Oar



Captain R. M. "Mac" Hughes USN (Ret.)
Sailor Rest Your Oar


CDR Gordon W. Hutt, USN (Ret.) died 8 March 2005
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Grossenbacher Discusses Current State and Future of Submarine Force


Brothers Leggett Come Together for Fleet CPO Training Aboard USS Constitution

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TM Ralph Jacobson on Port Lookout with XO Brown, Diodon 1957

Captain Thomas "Tom" Michael Jaskunas, USN (Ret.) has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Request from a Heros family for Lavergne Jenkins on USS Razorback in WWII

TM1(SS) Eugene T. Johnson from the Diodon After Torpedo Room 1958

Juliett 484 - A Day in the life of a Soviet Submariner
... Showers are a luxury aboard the K-77. ... Since there was not a special mess (dining) room aboard the Julliet-class submarines, Dmitri got his meals in the second ...

VADM Bud Kauderer Hospitalized

TM3(SS) Kertz, Diodon WP 1967

A tribute to Vice Admiral Albert H. "Big Al" Konetzni Jr - An Adobe PDF document

CAPT Tracy Monroe Kosoff, USN (Ret.) has Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Korean War Patrol in Soviet Waters


Knife Switch Joe

Knife Switch Joe - Paul Schultz Remembers the Author 


RADM John E. Lee, USN (Ret.) Has Passed Away 
Sailor Rest Your Oar

 Charles Lockwood, Architect of Attack - WWII

CAPT Stephen John Logue, Sr., USN (Ret.) had Passed Away
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Admiral Robert L. J. Long passed away 27 June 2002
Sailor  Rest Your Oar


Captain Edward Ronald Losure, Jr., USN(Ret.) passed away 15 December 2003
Sailor Rest Your Oar



TM Mike Lanois, Diodon 1967

TM Michael F. Lanois Remembers Diodon

Left on the bridge during a dive

TM2(SS) Walt (Wally) Levander

Looking for Raton Shipmate Joe Leslie

LCDR Wheeler B. Lipes Burial on 28 June 2005 at Arlington
Sailor Rest Your Oar



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CAPT Joe McCleary, USN (Ret.) passed away 30 December 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oars



In Memory of Torpedoman's Mate Third Class Karl Paul McDonough
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Norman A. McKinnon
adrift on USS K2 , a Disabled Submarine, in October 1918

Gerald C. McLees, Last local Squalus survivor, dies at 90
Sailor Rest Your Oars

This leaves only one survivor from the USS Squalus remaining
Sailor Rest Your Oars


Memorial Service for Submariners on Eternal Patrol
Sailors Rest Your Oars

James F. McCarthy, TM2(SS)

RADM John Rowland McKnight, Jr., USN (Ret.), WWII Submarine Commander

Obituary for David Marrero Submarine Vet from USS Tinosa
Sailors Rest Your Oars

(New 10-22-08)

Chief Torpedoman John Mihalowski, USN

Remembering “Swede” Momsen  
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Admiral Thomas M. Moorer, USN (Ret.) passed away 06 February 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar


CDR Clayton K. Morse, USN (Ret.)  passed away 7 Feb 2005
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Navy League Bestows John Paul Jones Award to Former Greeneville Officer

Navy Recognizes USS Dolphin's Modest Hero

TM Fred Nelson, on Diodon in 1957
(TM Fred Nelson is in the skivvies to the right)

New nonqual on board USS Rock on March 14, 1955

Joseph Dante Niagretti MONtM2C(SS) Obiturary
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Albert (Albie) Niess 

Biography of Chester William Nimitz

Norfolk Submariner Earns Top Spot for Boat, Squadron, Group for 2003

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TM1(SS) Percy in Diodon at the Bow Planes diving station, sometime between 1955 and 1958

TM1(SS) Malvin J. Percy 1958

Has anyone ever heard of Cliff Perski who was killed during WWII while on a Submarine?

Daniel Persico, one of the last living survivors of the USS Squalus daring submarine rescue mission in 1939, died at age 82 in 2001
Sailor Rest Your Oar



 David A. Phoenix - Full Career Included Time As Nautilus Sailor, But Never At Sea With Sub

Walter "Walt" Pratt on USS Corporal 1966 to 1968 was murdered
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Chris Quijada departed on Eternal Patrol Sunday 6 July 2003
S-51 Photo Gallery with Torpedoman's Mates participants

Memories from Raton Radiomen

Damage Control Trainer Dedicated to Submarine Hero EMC(SS) John D. Rendernick

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Submariner Gets $100,000 Reenlistment Bonus

CAPT Frank N. Shamer passed away on 27 November 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Meet George Scheer

Paul M. Schultz, TM1(SS)/LCDR

Paul M. Schultz, Diodon Crew of l952 to 1954

Captain Norman William Shriver, USN (Ret.) has passed away 28 January 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar


CSC(SS) Francis Paul Signore past away 12 July 2005
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Captain William Edward " Pappy" Sims, USN (Ret.) passed away 13 Jan 2005
Sailor Rest Your Oar


In Memory of the passing of Richard Speer, former Commanding Officer of USS Diodon (SS-349)

Diodon Skipper Richard Speer 1964 to 1966 Photos
Photos from Ensign to Commander and later
Sailor Rest Your Oar

VADM JIM STOCKDALE is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease

Submariner finally gets his due 60 Years late

Submariner MCPON Selectee Gives His First Interview to Navy & Marine Corps News

Navy Rear Adm. Paul F. Sullivan is being assigned as commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Eulogy For Harry Sullivan, Submariner Par Excellance
Sailor Rest Your Oar


TM2(SS) Stanley Swedbloom on USS Diodon (SS-349),WP '67
Sailor Rest Your Oar


EM3(SS) Marchall L. Tarpley, WWII Submariner, Obituary
Sailor Rest Your Oar
(New 05-07-06)


In Memory of YNC(SS) Ernie Taggart, USN Ret.
Sailor Rest Your Oar
(New 03-26-07)

Joesph F. Tattersall, TM1(SS) memories

 Bob Taylor presents Sanitary Tank Systems

Captain Albert H. Thomas, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.) passed away 31 December 2003
Sailor Rest Your Oar


Submarine Veteran Daniel Toomey Passed Away 15 June 2003
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Tang and Dick Okane - WWII

Terror At Sea: A Submariner's Tale

The Ralph Enos Library at the Naval Undersea Museum Named in Honor of Captain Ralph L. Enos, USN (Ret), a Distinguished Submariner

"There I Was" by LT. Ted Curtin of the USS Atule (SS-403)

Timme Takes Helm of Naval Undersea Warfare Center


Torpedoman Book by Ron Smith

Torpedoman and Engineman Brothers in 1945


USS Raton Shipmate Correspondence email of 122305
(New 12-23-05)

USS TRITON (SS 201) March 15, 1943 - 74 Men Lost

(New 03-18-12)

 VADM John A. Tyree, USN (Ret.) has passed away 8 April 2004

Sailor Rest Your Oar

VADM John A. Tyree, USN (Ret.) some more information
Sailor Rest Your Oar


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Navy Submariner Rear Admiral Joseph Walsh

Ames IA resident Douglas Ward commanded submarine during Cold War



CAPT John A. Webster, USN (Ret.) Update
Sailor Rest Your Oar

Welcome to the Home Page of Paul W. Wittmer, life member of United States Submarine Veterans of World War II

William Welsh, TMCS(SS)

Joseph S. Wisniewski, Torpedoman 3rd class

 Honolulu Navy League honors Rear Admiral Joe Vasey

Warren Zeiller (Flange) Zeiller, TM2(SS) on Diodon in '52 - '55

WWII Pampanito torpedoman Bob Bennett and electrician Paul Pappas in the after torpedo room

Captain Harry M. Yockey, USN(Ret.) passed away 16 June 2004
Sailor Rest Your Oar

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General Interest Stories and Information on Submariners

2004 Aloha Chapter Naval Submarine League Annual Warfighting Awards

Asbestos on Diesel Electric Subs related to CANCER and MESOTHELIOMA

Mesothelioma Web
Mesothelioma is a lung disease that is caused by exposure to asbestos.  This is a comprehensive site that consolidates research news and information on types of treatment.

Many navy veterans suffer from mesothelioma after having been exposed to asbestos while in the service. The disease often doesn't show up until  decades after exposure.

A Stowaway On The USS POGY

A Submariner's Poem to his daughter

A Submariner Story

A Threat To Unique Culture Of Submariners

A Trip to Argentina  

Bar Fight

Blowing Sanitaries - OOOPPSS!

Brother of the Phin

Canada has female Submariner



(New 08-10-05)

Chef Whips Up New Ideas with USS Cheyenne (SSN-773)

Cheney Pays A Brief Visit To Submariners At Electric Boat

Captain Santa Claus

CNO Addresses Naval Submarine League Symposium 2001

Dare to take the Permit Pressure Test

Deeply Canadian - submarine e-book
A book for everyone interested in naval history, Deeply Canadian: New Submarines for a New Millennium tells the story of how Canada nearly lost her submarine service in the 1990s after decades of dedicated duty.

Despite hardships, submarines draw those in search of unique Navy duty

Diver saves submariner's life

For all U.S. Submariners who died defending their country

Golden opportunity enriches USS Santa Fe Sailors

“Great Dempsty Dumpster Fight” on the Fleet Landing in Bermuda, spring of ’60 or ’61?

Locate USS Threadfin SS-410 Shipmates

Looking for all of the MMDs from the 9 boats that entered the Sea of Japan (in WWII)

Looking for USS CARBONERO (SS-337) crew from 1965, 1966 and 1968 who were involved with SHAD testing

Malignant Mesothelioma - cancer caused by breathing asbestos

Man Overboard!

Message from the 52
(New 03-07-06)

Message of Remembrance from U.S. SubVets 2001

Navy Officer Admits To Using Gun On Himself

Navy sub training tower may rise again in Groton

New Sub Forces Commander - Spirit Of John Paul Jones Survives

Norfolk Submariners Boast High Retention Rates

Old Diesel Boat Submarine Navy - Most interesting article

Origin of the Submarine Dolphins

R-14 Under Way, Under Sail
Here is an interesting story of submarine ingenuity

Remember Ballast Point and Fort Rosecrans Submarine Base?

PCU North Carolina SSN-777 Sailors Perform at NFL Game


Silent Service Episodes Volumes 1 through 4

Smoke - just one more time

Submarine Qualifications Designation for Enlisted Members - MILPERSMAN 1220-040

SS Community Bulletin Board - Diesel Boats Forever

SS Shipmate Locator Forum

SSN-21 Seawolf Crew Has Much to be Thankful For

Stress tests for British sub crew members

Spindrift - a collection of true Sea Stories

Sub Training Must Keep Up With Speed Of Technology

SUBGRU 9 Hosts First SSGN Commander's Meeting

Submarine Force is undermanned and underboated

Submarine Heroes

Submarine Torpedoman's Mates who have had Buildings, Clubs or Athletic Fields named after Them

Submariner Captains Rewarded For Their Service for War in Iraq

Submariner Domain - This is a ring for submariners and their submarine sites. Submariners from all nations are welcome.

Submarine Officers Selected for Rear Admiral

Submarine Learning Center Comes to Periscope Depth

Submarine Veterans Amateur Radio Association

Submarine veterans celebrate fellow sailor’s 102nd birthday

From: john love []
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: [SVARA] Old Salt (SS)

Three years ago Floyd was at our Drum Base meeting in Pensacola and we had a nice reading from him. Afterward, he said" let's go get something to eat before it's all gone". He was as spry as most people at 60. He has been drawing a pension since 1949.

John NZ4QJ

Submariners on "Eternal Patrol" Remembered

Submariners, USS Albany Family Association Builds Home in Hampton Roads

The Daily internal information source for the D.C. area submarine officer

There is still hope for the smoke boats return

Three Submarine Flag Officers Tapped for Second Star

Torpedoman's Mate (Submarines) TM(SS) Rating

US Submariner's Almanac

US Subvets of World War II

USS Columbus and USS Ohio Submariners Pitch in for Makeover

USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) Commander Relieved

USS Raton (AGSS-270) crew memories

USS Raton (AGSS 270) - SN(SG): Late in 1965, Web-Master's 1st boat and without pay voluntary Reserve 2 week duty local ops off Southern California

USS Raton SS/SSR/AGSS-270 Home Page

Memories and Thoughts on USS Raton's WestPac Cruises & Other News &Times

Photos of USS Raton (AGSS 270) model

Bill Decker recalls coming aboard Ration in January 1964

Gardner Randall, the Dancing Bear of Raton, died in 1994 of cancer

Sailor Rest Your Oar

Dancing Bear and the "Rat"

Dancing Bear remembered and Raton collisions at dock and Tender

Here are a couple more dancing Bear Tales


First Radarman, Darrell Kibby, on Raton in early 1946

LCDR Bill Bourne, C.O. of Raton

Loss and return of the Raton Rat

Memories from Kenneth Shaum, Raton Shipmate

Raton's tipsy maneuvering watch

Raton Antics

Raton crew painted USS Salmon upper rudder blushing pink in the Summer of 1959

Raton Volley Ball Team

Stories of Officers and Up and Down Angles on Raton

USS Raton Target AGSS 270

USS Raton 1961 WestPac Trip memories recalled by Bill Rice

USS Raton Army Special Forces Team member recalls days aboard in May 1959

USS Raton memories of ROK Marines on board

Water and more Water coming in on Raton


We Are A Submarine Sailor - A proud Heritage

What WWII Submariners Did.....

Women Should Not Serve In Submarines

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