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A Bit of Guppy Submarine History

AFTER THE WAR Japanese Subs Captured

ASDS To Deploy With First Expeditionary Strike Group

Attack Submarine Boise comes home from war

Bringing Back Fading Memories


Commander Sub Group 9 Reserves Train on the 'Northern Edge'

 CSBC wins support for submarine contract bid

Cutting the Japan-Aleution Supply Line - WWII

 Demise of the Simon Lake Torpedo Boat Company

Despite hardships submarines draw those in search of unique Navy duty

 Diesel Boats Forever - That Sense of Smell


Forget Blow and Go and Good-bye Steinke Hoods

For I am A Submariner

Former Submariner's skills needed now

Give the Boatservice Back Tradition

God Created Submariners

Growler and the Medal of Honor - WWII

God, I miss the sights, sounds and smells of a submarine

Mark 14 Air-Alcohol-Steam Torpedo 

Mixed-Sex Crews on Submarines? 

Navy sub training tower may rise again in Groton  

Network-Centric ASW System Keeps Sub In Battle Group's Loop

Ode to an Ice Berg

Pearl Harbor - 7 Dec 1941- WWII

Periscopes - The Eyes of the Submerged Submarine

PSNS nabs huge Trident project

Real Chief's

Reflections, Comments, Submariners & The Trade

Reflections on Submarine Roles & Missions

Remember your 'sea bag'?

 Return to Sub School & SubVets Anniversary 2002

Some Things You Do Not Forget

Ships, Sensors, and Weapons: Undersea Warfare Programs Target an Expeditionary Future
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SS News - October 2001

Sub Crew's Tale Of Cold War Valor Surfaces At Last

Submarines at Midway June 5 1942

Submarines' Launch Capabilities Critical To Strike Warfare

Submarine-Launched Tomahawk 'Looks Different In Daylight'

Submarine Rescue: Ready For The Unthinkable

Submarine School - Perspective from 1944 - WWII

Submarines Rescue P.O.W.'s in WWII

Submarine vs. Panther

Submarines Will Run Even More Silent On Operations

Thank God for Submariners

The Alaska Front, 1938-1942 - WWII

The Case for Diesel Electric Submarines

The Common Denominator

The Grey Lady and the Sailor

The Men who followed Old Gringo

The Submarine Force:  A Century of Excellence, and the Challenge of the future 

The Submariner

The Submariner's Insignia

The Tale of the Tiger

There I Was

There Was a Time Long Ago 

Threadfin Reunion

Thunder Mugs & Freckle Makers  

TM2(SS) Henry Breault, the Only Enlisted Submariner to earn the Medal of Honor

To The Valiant Warriors of the Kursk 

U.S. Submarine Force Losses

U.S. Navy Vessels Collide at Sea 01-27-02

U. S. Submarine Force Losses January/February, WWII

Was America Hunting for a New, Killer Submarine? 

Women still kept off subs - Commander rules against one going on long sea trials

You Might Be A Submariner If......

Submariners of Days Gone By - What an 'After Battery' Was

A Reply to The After Battery

Re: The After Battery

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