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(SS 349)
Balao Class Submarine US Navy 18 Mar 1946 Scrapped 1972 Mrs. D. Cullinane

Diodon was commissioned on 18 March, 1946 and decommissioned on15 January, 1971.

Diodon made her first dive on 22 March, 1946.  After 6616 dives over 25 years, she was decommissioned.

USS Archerfish Log

February 24, 1961
0630-Pomfret underway. 0936-Underway shifting berths. 0950-Moored port side to south side of Naval Supply Center Pier. 1100-U.S.S. Diodon (SS-349) moored alongside to starboard.

March 19, 1966
0800-Tang underway from inboard; moored starboard side to Berth One. 0903-U.S.S. Diodon (SS-349) moored alongside to port. 0932-U.S.S. Baya (AGSS-318) moored outboard Diodon.

June 6, 1966
0906-U.S.S. Pomodon (SS-486) moored outboard to port. 1013-U.S.S. Volador (SS-490) moored outboard Pomodon. 1014-Diodon underway from alongside to starboard; Archerfish moored starboard side to Remora. 1302- Remora underway from alongside to starboard; Archerfish moored starboard side to Berth One.

A painting I have that is as Diodon looked much as when I served on her

Painting by www.windjammer-arts.com

I also have Tom Denton's water color print of Diodon, as she looked coming up from her first dive, her Korean War configuration and her Viet Nam War configuration.  Check out Tom's site:  http://members.tripod.com/TRI-ARTS/diesel.htm 

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Origin of the Diodon Name

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Enlisted Shoulder Patch on Dress Blues and Whites uniforms

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Diodon's Boat Patch

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My Diodon Enlisted Belt Buckle, vintage 1967