The Military and Patriotic Related Organizations I belong To
since 09-27-01

Updated 12-11-16

American Veterans Search - Life Member

Fleet Reserve Association - Member

International Association of Submariners, U.S. American Chapter - Life Member - Alternate web site (New 10-25-05)

Naval Submarine League - Life Member

NAVetsUSA - Life Member (updated 12-11-16)

Sharkhunters International - Life Member, Admiral rank 

Torpedoman Mate's Association - Life Member

The Paul Revere Society - ex-Member but still support its goals (updated 12-11-16)

U.S. Coast Guard Reserve - Retired with Pay, Senior Port Securityman (updated 12-11-16)

U.S. Naval Institute - Member

United States Submarine Veterans Inc. - Life Member; Mare Island Base - ex-Member (updated 12-11-16)

United States Submarine Veterans Inc. - Life Member; Dolphin Base - Plank Owner, Member (updated 03-29-11)