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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

Louis Paul Kaldy, KE6EOI, passed away Nov 11 2007

May he rest in Peace

(New 02-21-14)

Facebook users and their interest in ham radio
(New 04-29-13)

History of the Telegraph in Communications
(New 02-04-13)

The History of the Telegraph - Communication at its Best!

Samuel Morse is credited with starting electronic telegraphy in 1837, but early forms of this communication have been present for centuries. Telegraphy is the process of using a form of communication known to both sender and receiver to transmit data. Early examples of the telegraph include smoke signals and creative uses of reflected light. Electrical telegraphs are also referred to as telegrams and during the middle and late parts of the 19th century, telegrams were a highly popular form of communication. Though Samuel Morse is considered the inventor of the telegraph, other scientists greatly contributed to its use. Nikola Tesla helped cause other scientists to recognize its great use. By the end of the 19th century, the importance of using the telegraph for military purposes was greatly recognized.....

(New 01-05-12)

Ham Radio Aboard the USS Pampanito
This is my third visit as a guest ham radio operator aboard the USS Pampanito that is docked at Pier 45 at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. It is great to be in a historic submarine and to give ham radio operators a contact from a very unique ham radio station.

USS Pampanito (SS-383) is a World War II Balao class Fleet submarine museum and memorial that is open for visitors daily at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Pampanito made six patrols in the Pacific during World War II during which she sank six Japanese ships and damaged four others. Operated by the Maritime Park Association, Pampanito hosts approximately 110,000 visitors a year and is one of the most popular historic vessels in the country. In addition to day time visitors, over 15,000 kids a year participate in Pampanito's educational day and overnight programs. Pampanito is a National Historic Landmark.

The Pampanito is being restored to a specific point in time, late summer, 1945, to represent the height of WW II submarine development. The Maritime Park Association has scoured the country in search of missing equipment and spare parts. Almost all of the missing items have now been replaced and much of the equipment on board has been restored to operation.

For more information, a virtual tour and a podcast please go to the USS Pampanito homepage

(New 09-19-11)

USS COD SS-224 W8COD Operating CW (Morse Code)
Bill KA8VIT operating W8COD using CW (Morse Code) from the WW2 Submarine USS COD SS-224 which is docked in Cleveland, Ohio. Taken by Bill KA8VIT.
If you search for "KA8VIT" (without the quotes), there
are a number of videos of the USS COD's radio room, on air operations and a complete (3-part) tour of the boat !

The link below will take you right to them!

And, with no offense to the PAMPANITO, the COD is still in her original war time configuration, no doors, stairs or ladders added for public access.
73 - Bill KA8VIT

(New 09-20-11)

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QRP Outdoors and the Police.mp4
This is a video made by my friend and fellow QRP ham Chuck, AF4O. He made it after seeing my June PBSPE video where a police officer asked me for ID after seeing me operating outdoors. I still laugh at this video

(New 09-19-11)

This site was One of the Top 50 Ham Radio Websites Worldwide in 2000! 

If you have anything to offer, or comment to improve this site, please let me know.  

Please send me a message. I  will reply to your email and let you know where to email me or land wise mail me your stories & photos

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Getting your free credit report without scams
(New 01-25-06)

CT Solar Amateur Radio Packages
(New 11-26-11)
Control your Radio, Rotor and antennas from your phone, HT or the internet.

(New 11-26-11)

Goal 0 Sherpa

Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit
SKU: 19201
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Store 50 watts of power with the Sherpa 50
  • Charge the Sherpa 50 with the Nomad 13.5 solar panel in about 6-10 sun hours
  • Sherpa 50 Power Pack is equivalent to 30,000 AA batteries
  • Nomad 13.5 is made from powerful monocrystalline solar cells

Sherpa50 solar power system

Sherpa 50 solar system in use

(New 05-13-11)

Mobile HAM Radios

(New 06-30-11)

Meeting People with Ham Radios

Many believe the first ham radio message was broadcasted in 1901 and sent from Newfoundland to England. With that transmission the culture of the amateur radio operator was born. By 1914, many Americans were using ham radios as hobbyists, attempting to communicate across states, countries and even galaxies. The popularity of ham radio compelled the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to set guidelines for using high frequency radio waves. Every ham operator must possess a valid novice, technician, or technician-plus license. After earning the proper license, just about anyone can join the ham radio culture by purchasing or building their own radio system, which typically consists of receivers, transmitters, microphones, antennas, and roofing filters.

(New 08-21-11)

Amateur (HAM) Radio

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Amateur (HAM) Radio

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ARMS Christian Fellowship Group
Amateur Radio Missionary Service
(Updated 08-12-12)

AI9NL - Harv's Hamshack Hack:

Harv's Hamshack Hack. A remaster of the KNOPPIX distro for Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) who have no prior experience with Linux. Provides a complete OS, software for hobby, web, and word tasks. All contained in an .iso file ready to burn to CD.

Suspected Terrorists on Carnival Cruise - this could be YOU!

Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 2005 Introduced


ARLB021 Comment deadlines set in FCC "Morse code" proceeding

Guide to Amateur Radio for New Hams
(New 08-12-12)

HAM Radio support for Katrina damage events

HamTestOnline™ — Web-based training for the U.S. Amateur Radio Written Exams
(New 03-28-06)

Higher Amateur Radio vanity call sign application fee now in effect

Intro to HAM Radio Links

Want to learn more about ham radio? Always wanted to see the Hamvention, but never had the chance? Just couldn't get to Dayton this year? It's Icom to the rescue! Explore the 2004 show from a youthful perspective with your hosts Trevor W7TDC and Sara K3OOO.

Check out the FCC's Amateur Radio Service page

Visit the ARRL's Welcome to Amateur Radio

ARRL Audio News  ARRL's weekly Amateur Radio news service podcast

ARRL Audio News
(New 03-26-06)

6 Meter Commercial Conversion Radios

4-5-04   ICOM of America, Inc. v. Rapid 2 Way


Amateur Radio World-Wide - NW7US

ARRL Certification and Continuing Education Program registration



AI4UK/ Eddie's Amateur Radio & Frequency Page

Amateur Radio and others Band Plan
A PDF file

American Radio Relay League Newsletters

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HAM RADIO Projects by Felix, HB9ABX

International List of Museumships fitted with Amateur Radio

K8ZT's HAM Radio Resources, QRP, DX, UHV, VHF, etc

LF & MF Comms Equipment Aboard USS Ling (SS-297)

LWCA Longwave Home Page

New York HAM Wins Antenna Lawsuit

NTAN - Nightly Talk Around Net - Amateur Radio

Radio Gallery at Batwing

Submarine Veterans Amateur Radio Association

The 100th Anniversary of Marconis's Historic Trans-Atlantic Radio Transmission December 12, 2001

The ARRL Letter, Vol 23, No 47

WiMo Radio and Electronics page

APRS Radio Links

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To learn more about APRS, visit these sites:

APRS Automatic Position Reporting System


Northern California APRS

Amateur Packet Radio Information GPS

HF & HF Mobile Radio

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C6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide

AC6V's HF Nets Listing  

Back to the Future - Morse Code and Cellular Phones

CW beats Text Messaging on National TV

HF Mobile site by K6ACJ

HF Mobile site by W7PE

"Intruder signal" on 40 meters disappears

IPS Real-Time Space Weather Status Panel  

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Quarter Century Wireless Association

Ten-Tec Home Page - Amateur and Commercial Radio

Ten-Ten International Net Home - Amateur Radio on the Internet

W5YI Group

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Bux ComCo

Digital and ax.25 amateur packet radio

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TAPR Packet Radio page

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US Packet

Varmint Al's

Venezuela meteorological Packet Radio Net

WB9LOZ Packet radio


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1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake Net Control Recordings posted

Amateur Radio Clubs in California

Amateur radio propagation studies, the BeamFinder analysis software

Amateur Radio VHF Organizations

BCRA/FRARC Ham Radio Club

CARUN Repeater System
(Updated 11-01-12)

Condor Connection 224Mhz

Foothills Amateur Radio Society of Alberta

Frank Köditz Nachrichtentechnik

Getting the Most from Your HT!

Gorilla Radio 440Mhz-147Mhz-etc.

The Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club

"From the Sierra to the Sea, this is K6FB repeater"


Loma Pioneer Radio Club

NARCC Repeater coordinators

ORCA Radio Group

Santa Clara Valley Section Amateur Radio Resources

S.C.C.A.R.A. 146Mhz

Tandem Radio Amateurs Club (TRAC) Cupertino, CA USA

The World Above 30 MHz

Welcome To Amateur Radio

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Dave's Ham Info

K1DWU's 4,500+ Amateur Radio Web Links

RA3DQ Home Page

SM4GVF on 144 MHz

SV2AEL - Welcome to my homepage

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