Russian submarine Kursk

Kursk Memorial

for the

Russian submarine Kursk, which sank in the Barents Sea August 13, 2000, with 118 of her crew.

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Kursk and Related Photos

Remains of Kursk submarine - photos
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Some of the Kursk Crew
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Project 949 Granit / Oscar I & Project 949A Antey / Oscar II
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Sons of the Northern Fleet - A memorial to the lost Crew

We must fight for our lives, we must win time!

Lost Harbor

by Leslie Nelson Jennings

There is a port of no return, where ships

May ride at anchor for a little space

And then, some starless night, the cable slips,

Leaving an eddy at the mooring place . . .

Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.

No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.


Sea Hunters

Kursk (a submarine in troubled waters)

(New 10-18-09)



Time Line

Norwegian camera team captures images of submarine rescue operation 08/17/00 

The Kursk's Dark Mission, 08/30/00

OSCAR submarine specs & photos 

Curse of the Kursk, 09/29/00

Storms threaten Kursk operation, 10/22/00 

Storms stop Kursk rescue operation, 10/23/00 

Divers 'close' to Kursk breakthrough, 10/24/00  
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Divers find first Kursk bodies, 10/25/00 
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Note found in Russian sub says 23 sailors initially survived Kursk blast - October 26, 2000

Note reveals Kursk crew's final hours - October 26, 2000

Kursk accident time line, 11/08/00

Russian Submarine Kursk Catastrophe, 11/09/00

To the valiant warriors of the Kursk, 11/15/00

Kursk recovery operation, 11/16/00

Kursk Memorial Fund
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Warp Drive Underwater 06/12/01

Camera Shows KURSK was destroyed by its own torpedoes 07-26-01

Official Information Channel on the Kursk (click on English)
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Kursk Salvage Operations
(Link updated 11-12-02)

Russian Navy Removes Crew Remains

  President Vladimir Putin disciplined several high-ranking commanders 12-01-01

Kursk Affair Continues to Inflict Casualties 12-03-01

President Vladimir Putin Will Inaugurate New Nuclear Submarine 12-04-01

Kursk sunk by own torpedo 

Russia To Retire Volatile Torpedo Model Used On Kursk 02-19-02

Fuel Leak Led To Kursk Explosion, Russia Says 07-02-02

New Additions 11-27-04 to 02-05-05

"Fifty Fathoms Deep" (a memorial to the crew of the Kursk)

 An Operation to Lift the Nuclear Submarine Kursk

A Time to Die: The Kursk Disaster

A Tribute to the submariners of the Kursk

 CNN Special:  Death of the Kursk

CNN:  Kursk victims 'may not be recovered'

K-141 KYPCK Russian Submarine SSGN Kursk Catastrophe memorial page

Kursk: did collision trigger explosion?

'Kursk Salvage is an Adventurist Scam'Vice Admiral Yevgeny Chernov believes Moscow is covering up the cause of the submarine disaster. TIME's Yuri Zarakhovich asked him why 

Kursk Special

Kursk Submarine Disaster

Kursk Submarine Memorial pages
OF CONTENTS. ... SSGN KURSK. The nuclear-powered cruise missile ...


Photo Essay The Tragedy of the Submarine Kursk

Prayer for the crew of the Russian Navy Submarine, Kursk

The Kursk disaster: Day by day

The Loss of the Submarine KURSK

The Tragic Loss of the Submarine Kursk