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From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships:

Diodon ---- The genus of the porcupine fishes

SS - 349:

displacement 1,526 tons;

length 311 '9";

beam 27' 3";

draft. 15' 3";

speed surfaced. 20 k.;

complement 66;

armament 1 - 5", 10 - 21" tt.;

class Balao

Diodon hystrix - Porcupinefish - kokala

Description: brown in color, scales enlarged to spines; spines erect when body inflated; body covered with small blue-black spots

Size: to 80 cm

Habitat: primarily nocturnal, found under ledges during the day, can assemble over wrecks

Diet: carnivore: primarily gastropods, crabs, hermit crabs and other invertebrates

Diodon Hystrix - above rendering, below actual photo

Family:              Diodontidae

Genus and species:  Diodon hystrix 

English:             Porcupinefish

Size:                4

BALLOONFISH Family Diodon holocanthus

Porcupine Puffer - Diodon nicthemerus

Puffer Diodon hystrix

Species Summary for Diodon holocanthus Long

Webster Dictionary - Diodon 1913