Malicious Virus Spread Increasing .... IT IS SERIOUS ... You can HELP

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I  cannot stress the importance of BCC (Blind Courtesy Copies) and Copy and Paste.  The General here, says it all.  Please - lets keep everyone's email address safe and use BCC when sending out e-mail to multiple addressees.  If you have a question on how to set up and send BCC, get back to me and I will try to answer your inquiry.  It takes only seconds to set up.

Don Harribine

Subj: Malicious Virus Spread Increasing......IT IS SERIOUS......You can HELP 
Date: 2/13/2003 2:17:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Many people forward e-mail with all the addresses of the people they are forwarding the mail to exposed..this is a bad practice..

Learn how to send messages w/o revealing the e-mail addresses of those you are sending e-mail to. The help section of your e-mail program should instruct you in detail on how to construct an e-mail list that protects the names of those involved in the mailing.....

There is commercial software in use by malicious hackers and spammers who strip these e-mails of their addresses and sell the names ,or, even worse, use them as a basis for infecting people's mail with a virus. There has been an increase lately in  the malicious spreading of highly potent virus infection via people's address books..

The sending of malicious infections since the notice went out has increased my
software detection and that of my ISP blackhole detection by almost 60%...

Homeland security expects this spamming and jamming of e-mails to increase with the threat of war with Iraq and the spread of terrorism.These practices are not happening by accident and exposing your friends and relative's e-mail addresses is sure not conducive to a stress free environment to your friends or those closest to you.

People in the corporate world forwarding e-mail outside of the corporate net with all the inside addresses included are really boiling up a storm and breaching their own security..

Take a little time and learn how to construct a group mailing list that restricts the visibility of the addresses it contains.In Outlook Express go to the help file on Address Books and look at the sub headings on storing information and creating groups.. Other programs offer the same conveniences. If you can't locate the necessary information in the help file, ask for tech support

There is jut a lot of misery that could be avoided by people taking a little time to learn how to be considerate of others privacy. Restricting e-mail addresses from public view and from  spammers and hackers is one big step forward for mankind in the right direction. Learn how to use the "forward or reply to key" with constraint and considerate thought.

Learn how to use and construct a restricted  group address mailing

This mailing alone is going to just two of my group addresses that contain in excess of 4000 people with just two simple group addresses appearing on the e-mail......

The computer blow up you save from a malicious virus may be your own...