Diodon Shipmates please help to bring the USS Razorback SS394 back from Turkey

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Diodon Shipmates;

 As most of you know they are going to bring the USS Razorback SS394 back from Turkey. Some of us from the Diodon Reunion committee have started a Razorback fund. We each have donated $25.00 to get it started

 Anyone wishing to add to the fund send a check to me for whatever amount you wish.  Make the check out to Diodon Reunion fund, and on the bottom of the check list it for return the Razorback.

 I will keep a running list of everyone and the amount sent. And when the Razorback arrives in North Little Rock we will have Jim Barnes present a check on behalf of the Shipmates of the USS Diodon. Jim is a member of the Razorback Base.

 If you have any comments or suggestion please let me know. Thank you for your time.

 Green Board and D B F

Diodon Don Remily
Reunion and Razorback committee;

Don Remily
30860 Oakstream Lane
Lebanon, Mo. 65536