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Diodon Patch Decal - What do you Think about It?
Shipmates - Read This!

349 History
(updated 09-06-15)

349 Name

349 Poloshirt, Sweatshirt & Windbreaker which Your Webmaster & Historian has gotten

1st Diodon Reunion
Photos & Stories 2001

2nd Diodon (SS-349) Reunion 2002

3rd Diodon (SS-349) Reunion 2003

4th Diodon Reunion 2004
(Updated 07-30-05)

5th Diodon Reunion 2005
Where are photos from this one?

(Updated 03-05-05)

6th Diodon Reunion 2006
Where are photos from this one?

(New 03-04-06)

7th Diodon Reunion 2007
Where are photos from this one?

(Updated 04-03-07)

8th Diodon Reunion 2008
Where are photos from this one?
(New 04-20-08)

USS Diodon (SS-349) 2011 Reunion Photos
I need the shipmates and wives identified - please help.
(New 11-27-11)

USS Diodon (SS-349) 2012 Reunion.

Diodon Information and Memorabilia
(Updated 06-03-05)

Diodon Patch Pencil Drawing by Curt Hingson

Diodon Shipmates listing extracted from D.O.S. Directory of
Online Submariners

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Memories & Stories of The Boat

Memories & Stories of The Crew
(updated 09-06-15)

Memories & Stories of A General Nature

Some Back Ground 
Diodon's Ship Patch

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Photo Stuff

Diodon Boat, Crew History, & Reunion Photos
Why no photos from 5th Diodon Reunion in 2005
or 6th Diodon Reunion in 2006?
(updated 11-30-06)

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